Add a Repeater to Memory on a Baofeng UV-5R

You must be in frequency mode (VFO) and on the A (top) line in order to customize a frequency and then save it. Do the following to switch to frequency mode and the top line.

  • Press the VFO/MR button to switch to Frequency (VFO) mode.
  • Make sure you are on the A (top) line. Press the A/B button to switch to the A line.

Once you’re in the correct mode and on the correcty line you generally do the following.

  • Enter the frequency on they keypad, such as 447200 for 447.200 MHz.
  • Set the offset direction with Menu 25.
  • Set the offset frequency with Menu 26. 005000 for 5MHz or 000600 for 600 kHz.
  • Set the PL (Transmit CTCSS) with Menu 13
  • Save with Menu 27. Note: You can’t save over an existing channel. Delete it first.

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