Making Kombucha SCOBY

This is my Kombucha SCOBY recipe. It’s experimental and this is my first try making a SCOBY for Kombucha. The recipe is based on the information on the website The Kitchn but it’s altered based on the ingredients I was able to obtain at my local grocery store and my experience with wine making.


  • 4 Bigalow Vanilla Chai Black Tea bags
  • 1/2 cup granulated white pure cane sugar
  • 1 cup GT’S Kombucha, oganic & raw, Gingerade
  • 7 cups tap water


  • Sauce pan
  • Large Spoon
  • 1 Cup Measuring Cup
  • 1 Gallon Glass Jar
  • Coffee Filters
  • Rubber Band or Hair Tie
  • PBW for cleaning

I used PBW for cleaning because I already had it on hand. Other people often suggest using original OxyClean powder for the cleaning step in Wine Making and I’m sure it would work fine here. In fact just hand-washed clean is probably good enough in most cases. Just make sure that you completely rinse everything several times so that there is no soap or other residue.


  • Boil the tap water then remove from heat
  • Add sugar and stir
  • Add tea bags
  • Let tea seep until tea reaches room temperature
  • Remove tea bags
  • Pour tea into 1 gallon wide mouth jar
  • Pour Kombucha on top of tea
  • Stir everything together
  • Cover with 3 white coffee strainers
  • Secure with a hair tie

The SCOBY should form in 1 to 4 weeks.


  • I picked a commercial Kombucha that had a bit of gunk forming on the bottom
  • Unflavored Kombucha is recommended but was not available
  • I cleaned everything with PBW that I use for wine making but I did not sterilize
  • My tea looks quite dark compared to the example

Sep 10, 2018 (Day 1)

  • As expected, no activity yet

Sep 11, 2018 (Day 2)

  • Still no activity

Sep 15, 2018 (Day 6)

  • There are floaties
  • Not too sure if this is SCOBY or bacteria

  • Sep 16, 2018* (Day 7)

  • There’s a thin blochy film

  • Put a flashlight to it and it’s all white; no off colors

Sep 19, 2018 (Day 10)

  • There is about a 1/16″ SCOBY on top