Steno Pad Idea Worksheet

I’ve always liked Steno Pads for writing notes. I’m not sure exactly what it is but the smallish size, spiral bound top edge, and center column are all nice touches.

I work on a lot of business ideas. Most of them have been flops. Lately I’ve been trying to flesh out the ideas a little better before I waste a lot of time building something. I’ve adapted a few suggestions from other note taking forms, planner pages, and feedback to a format I currently like for working out ideas on a Steno Pad. Here’s the format that’s been working for me.

Steno Pad Idea Worksheet

Here are the sections of the idea worksheet.

  • Idea Summary
  • Problem / Pain
  • Solution
  • Purpose / Vision
  • Customer Profile
  • Existing Solutions
  • What Now

The What Now section probably needs some extra explaining. This comes from a comment I read on hacker news that I thought was enlightening.

Pretend that you just finished your idea and it is now a product on your screen. It’s beautiful and has all the awesome features and really works well. What now?

So, in the What Now section you should answer that question.

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