Yellowstone Motorcycle Trip

I’m planning to ride my motorcycle, a small Suzuki TU250X through Yellowstone National Park. It’s a three day trip and I should put around 300 miles on the bike. It’s the longest ride I’ve done on a motorcycle and a long ride for a 250cc bike with a 240 lb rider and camping gear. This will be both my first multiple day ride and my first motorcycle camping trip. I will be traveling alone.

Suzuki TU250X

Day 1

I’ll load the motorcycle into the back of my truck and drive from Roy, UT to Jackson Hole, WY. The initial drive is just over 4 hours. There is a 48-hour parking garage in Jackson Hole. I plan to unload the motorcycle and then leave the truck in this garage. You can also park on any road outside of the city for 72-hours.

Roy UT to Jackson WY

From here I’ll drive the motorcycle North along the Tetons. I’ll stop only twice, at Menors Ferry District and then at the Jenny Lake Overlook. Total ride is 96 miles and will take 2 hours 30 minutes not including stops.

Jackson WY to Bridge Bay Campground

Day 2

I’ll drive the loop from Bridge Bay around Yellowstone, stopping frequently. The loop is 103 miles with a total drive time of 3 hours. I expect the loop to take 8 to 10 hours considering the number of stops, waiting behind RV’s, etc.

Yellowstone Lower Loop

Day 3

I’ll head South back toward Jackson Hole. This time I’ll take the highway back, stopping only at Schwabacher’s Landing. By now, I’ll probably be ready to get home. This ride is just over 2 hours. I’ll load the bike back into the truck and drive back to Utah. Another 4 hour drive.

Bay Bridge to Jackson

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