Creating an Install-Free Dock Icon for Zoom on Mac

I wanted to create a special Dock Icon for Zoom that would open Google Chrome right to Zoom’s URL for joining a meeting. I’d prefer not to install any extra software when a website will suffice and you can use Zoom Teleconferencing without installing anything.

To use Zoom from the web, just open the browser to and then click the join from your browser link.

I use Zoom several times a day for work but my default browser is Firefox and the Zoom site doesn’t currently support audio when you’re using Firefox (or Safari). A direct link in my Dock makes Zoom a one-click operation.

Follow these steps to create an icon that opens Google Chrome directly to the Zoom page for joining a meeting.

  1. Open the Script Editor from Applications, Utilities
  2. Copy the code listed below into the editor
  3. Select File, Export from the menu
  4. Select Application as the File Format
  5. Save it into your Applications folder
  6. Drag the application to your Dock
  7. Optionally, change the application icon
tell application "Google Chrome"
open location ""
end tell