Yellowstone Motorcycle Trip

I’m planning to ride my motorcycle, a small Suzuki TU250X through Yellowstone National Park. It’s a three day trip and I should put around 300 miles on the bike. It’s the longest ride I’ve done on a motorcycle and a long ride for a 250cc bike with a 240 lb rider and camping gear. This will be both my first multiple day ride and my first motorcycle camping trip. I will be traveling alone.
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Steno Pad Idea Worksheet

I’ve always liked Steno Pads for writing notes. I’m not sure exactly what it is but the smallish size, spiral bound top edge, and center column are all nice touches.

I work on a lot of business ideas. Most of them have been flops. Lately I’ve been trying to flesh out the ideas a little better before I waste a lot of time building something. I’ve adapted a few suggestions from other note taking forms, planner pages, and feedback to a format I currently like for working out ideas on a Steno Pad. Here’s the format that’s been working for me.
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How I Cleaned My Central Air Coil

My central air unit wasn’t working very well. I’ll admit, I’ve been more than a little lax about changing out my furnace filters. The filters are cheap; replace them regularly to avoid having to do this type of maintenance. Most filters suggest changing them every 30 to 90 days.

My wife works as an admin in the home construction industry. She knew some people so she called a couple friends to check out the system. The first showed me that I was cleaning the compressor/fan unit, which is outside the house, wrong. He cleaned it and then left me to try the system out. A few hours later, another friend showed up (we had actually forgot to call him off when the other guy showed). I told him I thought it might be working and he pointed out that it was starting to freeze up again. He could see the frost on the pipes outside.
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