Creating An Animated GIF from Images with ImageMagick

I often convert a few individual images into an animated GIF. It’s a simple one-liner with ImageMagick.

convert -delay 200 -loop 0 *.png animated.gif

Step by Step Instructions

  • Create a new folder called animated
  • Put all of your original single images into the animated folder
  • Open terminal and change to the animated folder
  • Run the command above

You should end up with a file called animated.gif that includes all of the .png images in your animated directory.

Command Breakdown

The convert command is included with ImageMagick. We use that command and then a few extra arguments to create our animated gif.

  • -delay 200 creates a 2 second delay between each image
  • -loop 0 causes the resulting gif to loop forever
  • *.png indicates that we want to combine all .png images in the current folder
  • animated.gif is the filename of the new animated gif

Thin Apple Juice Wine Recipe #002

This is an experimental apple juice wine recipe. It’s a work in progress that I’m about to start and it’s only my second homemade wine. I wanted to try apple juice because it appears to be the cheapest juice. I also wanted to try something with a little water added that’s a less thick wine and easier to top up when racking.
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Migraine Headache Solved by Lisinopril

Lisinopril has been found to significantly reduce headache during clinical trials.

In 2017 I was prescribed Lisinopril because my blood pressure was slightly elevated. It was just barely outside of normal and could have been elevated just from being at the doctors office. Once I began taking Lisinopril I had a positive side-effect. My daily headaches and occasional migranes went away completely. High blood pressure is said to have no side effects, so reducing your blood pressure should not solve headache problems, but Lisinopril had accidentally helped me.
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Yellowstone Motorcycle Trip

I’m planning to ride my motorcycle, a small Suzuki TU250X through Yellowstone National Park. It’s a three day trip and I should put around 300 miles on the bike. It’s the longest ride I’ve done on a motorcycle and a long ride for a 250cc bike with a 240 lb rider and camping gear. This will be both my first multiple day ride and my first motorcycle camping trip. I will be traveling alone.
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