Don’t Buy my Zine

Just the other day I was reading /r/zines on Reddit and there was a post about other zine authors who were complaining about how difficult it was to create their zines. I was surprised that authors would complain about this because I love making zines myself and why else would you make them?

Most of mine have been half letter size zines. Over the past few weeks I’ve been creating a smaller version for my latest issue of Splash of Code. This smaller size zine has been far more difficult to create and it takes forever to print, cut, and bind paper issues.

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Thin Apple Juice Wine Recipe #002

This is an experimental apple juice wine recipe. It’s a work in progress that I’m about to start and it’s only my second homemade wine. I wanted to try apple juice because it appears to be the cheapest juice. I also wanted to try something with a little water added that’s a less thick wine and easier to top up when racking.
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